Business Leaders' Perceptions of KIDS COUNT

By Kids Risk Project, The Annie E. Casey Foundation

September 19, 2005


In 2004, the Casey Foundation requested a follow up to the Kids Risk Project survey assessing the commitment of Fortune 1000 companies to children's issues, and their use of data resources in making corporate decisions. The follow up specifically requested information on the perception and use of the KIDS COUNT Data Book by business leaders. A summary of the research is presented in this data-rich report. 

Table of Contents

Key Takeaway

Business Leaders need more exposure to KIDS COUNT

This research asked three questions. 1) Are business leaders aware of the KIDS COUNT Data Book? 2) Do they use it? 3) What impact does the KIDS COUNT Data Book have on the business community? A slight majority are aware of KIDS COUNT, but very few use the data.The leaders of Fortune 1000 companies that know KIDS COUNT think highly of it. They primarily use statistical information to learn about the issues or to do background research. Most of those interviewed skim the Data Book for relevance and to make comparisons between their state and other parts of the US.

Findings & Stats

Aecf Business Leaders Perceptionsof KC Impact

Favorable Impact

Approximately 66% of business leaders aware of KIDS COUNT believe that KIDS COUNT has increased public attention to children and families in their states.

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