Challenges and Opportunities in Children’s Mental Health

A View from Families and Youth

Posted July 29, 2006
By the National Center for Children in Poverty
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This report adopts a family and youth perspective to discuss what isn’t working — and what can be done about it — in regards to children’s behavioral health policies and services. It is the byproduct of a meeting hosted by the National Center of Children in Poverty and shares the views of 16 stakeholders in the child behavioral health field.

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Key Takeaway

When it comes to pediatric behavioral health care, families and kids are still on the outside looking in

This report identifies 19 roadblocks to creating a family-driven, youth-guided approach to serving kids with behavioral health concerns. These challenges include a misplaced focus on mental illness instead of mental wellness, a shortage of family-focused research methods and the continued exclusion of families from treatment decisions.