Children of Immigrants: 2008 State Trends Update

Brief 17

By the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the Urban Institute and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

September 12, 2010


This brief presents trends about children of immigrants, including links to race, poverty and education. Brief 17 – based on data from the 2007 and 2008 American Community Surveys – updates; Brief 9, “Children of Immigrants: National and State Characteristics,” which looked at children of immigrants as of 2005-06. 

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Key Takeaway

There are more Immigrant Children in Poverty

Children of immigrants account for 29% of poor children and 30% of low-income children in the United States. Additionally, about half of children of immigrants live in low-income families, compared with 35% of native-born children – which, in turn, adversely affects other characteristics of these children, including their educational opportunities.

Share of Children of Immigrants Age 0–17 in Poor and Near-Poor Families, 10 States with Highest Poverty Rates, 2007–08

Findings & Stats

Aecf Children Immigrants2008 State Trends Update Share Of Children Immigrant Parents By State

Half of California Kids

In 2008, children of immigrants accounted for half of the children in California.

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