Collaboration and Leadership in Juvenile Detention

By the Annie E. Casey Foundation

March 2, 1999


This report, the second installment in a series devoted to revolutionizing detention programs and practices in America, highlights two basic — yet vital — components for advancing complex reform: Leadership and teamwork. Readers will learn exactly what it takes (coordination! small victories! committees!) to pull players from all corners of the juvenile justice landscape and have them step in sync toward one noble focus—creating a safer, fairer detention system for today’s youth.  

Table of Contents

Key Takeaway

Introducing a three-part roadmap for reform

Every JDAI site established a collaborative comprised of a diverse group of policy-level movers and shakers who had the authority to drive real change. At the onset, these groups worked together to sketch a three-part roadmap for reform. They defined: 1) what wasn’t working in their current system; 2) what their new system would look like; and 3) an action plan for change.

Findings & Stats

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Craving Specifics?

This report breaks down, by position title, who served on the collaborative at three different JDAI sites. It also lists what subcommittees each of these sites created to help tackle specific issues once their reform efforts kicked into gear.

Statements & Quotations