CONNECT: Supporting Children Exposed to Domestic Violence

In-Service Training for Resource Families

Posted January 1, 2009
By Family Violence Prevention Fund
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FVPF Connect Supporting Chidlren Exposedto Domestic Violence Cover 2009


This presentation-ready guide gives facilitators the script, tools and tips necessary to educate caregivers of children exposed to domestic violence. It packages three hours of training into a thoughtful, comprehensive and no-frills instructional playbook that explores what domestic violence is, how it impacts children and exactly what caregivers can do to help this fragile population heal. 

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Key Takeaway

supportive and compassionate caregiving can have far-reaching effects on children impacted by domestic violence

The topic is sobering. The impact on children heartbreaking. But this training guide delivers a strong message of hope for caregivers. It reminds readers that one loving and supportive adult can make all the difference in the life of a child who is still hurting from domestic violence exposure.