Counting is Not Enough

Investing in Qualitative Case Reviews for Practice Improvement in Child Welfare

Posted January 1, 2011
By the Annie E. Casey Foundation and Center for the Study of Social Policy
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Can qualitative case reviews improve child welfare practice? This publication finds that the answer is "Yes." It examines the practices of more than 20 jurisdictions, gathers insight from national experts and presents recommendations for improving this approach to child welfare practice. The report details key factors in implementing case review systems, including federal Child and Family Service Reviews, Quality Service Reviews and ChildStat reviews.

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The QCR process and real-world systems

The Annie E. Casey Foundation and the Center for the Study of Social Policy surveyed 24 child welfare programs and 5 national experts with one goal in mind: Gain a clearer understanding of how QCR processes were performing in real-world systems. When the answers rolled in, the verdict was clear: With reported enhancements in peer-to-peer learning, everyday practices and services for children and families in need, these resource-heavy tools were worth the investment.