Data Governance for Two-Generation Programs

Planning Tool Kit

Posted October 17, 2019
By the Annie E. Casey Foundation
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Data Governance Tool Kit for Two-Generation Programs


This tool kit aims to help two-generation initiatives — programs that serve children and families together —  harness data in their decision making, funding strategy and service delivery. Supplemental resources include a guiding framework, a brief that identifies elements of data capacity and an infographic that charts progress through the tool kit.

Considered together, these resources guide programs and organizations in refining practices for managing and using data; creating a data governance protocol; and using data to design programs, meet performance outcomes and collaborate across departments.

Supplemental Resources in Tool Kit

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Key Takeaway

Data management — done well — plays a key role in optimizing the family experience

Effective data management practices enable an organization to make smart decisions about supporting children and families while avoiding cumbersome data collection activities, redundancies and missed opportunities. Ultimately, such practices enhance how an experience unfolds — from point of entry to program exit — for the kids and families served.