Deploying Casey’s REI Framework

Lessons from the Civic Sites

Posted June 10, 2016
By the Annie E. Casey Foundation
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As a Foundation committed to improving outcomes for all children, race equity has long been part of Casey’s DNA. In 2013, staff members created a new race equity and inclusion (REI) framework, which has become a guiding beacon for all of its work. Deploying Casey’s REI Framework: Lessons from the Civic Sites documents the efforts of the Foundation to embed a race equity lens in its programmatic units in Baltimore and Atlanta. Civic site staff agreed to undergo trainings, conduct deep team discussions, study data, engage external partners, identify equity gaps and develop strategies to address concerns. This document shares the story of their experiences, successes, challenges and 10 key lessons learned which encourage better understanding of such work in other Casey units and in the broader field of philanthropy.

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Key Takeaway

The reward is worth the effort

Truly embedding race equity and inclusion into philanthropic work isn’t easy. Even with an intentional program of training and engaged, committed staff leaders, the process can be uncomfortable and the way forward uncertain at times. But the potential reward is transformation not just of the results achieved, but also of the people achieving them. The Foundation sees this work as necessary to truly make a difference in the lives of the children and communities at the heart of its mission.