East Baltimore Snapshot

A Progress Report by the Annie E. Casey Foundation through December 2010

Posted May 2, 2011
By the Annie E. Casey Foundation
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This is the story of a struggling neighborhood embracing a second chance. It is an example of responsible redevelopment at its finest. It is a nine-year journey spearheaded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation and filled with relocations, dramatic transformations and investments in people, buildings and futures. This is the story of East Baltimore.   

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Introducing the East Baltimore Revitalization Initiative

The East Baltimore Revitalization Initiative has successfully relocated some 700 residents and 45 businesses as part of an ambitious plan to rejuvenate one of Baltimore’s most beleaguered neighborhoods. The secret to the project’s success? Responsible redevelopment. This approach combines economic, community and human development strategies with one clear goal in mind: Doing what is best for the area’s residents, businesses and neighbors.