Ensuring Success for Children with Incarcerated Parents

Posted November 1, 2008
By Association of Small Foundations
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This discussion guide shares statistics, solutions and next steps for funders interested in aiding children of incarcerated parents. It is part a series by the Association of Small Foundations called Investing in Strategies to Serve Vulnerable Children and Families, which was funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Findings & Stats

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Key Takeaway

The statistics are clear: parental incarceration is a family sentence

Incarceration drives a deep wedge between inmate parents and their children, leaving a trail of devastation in the form of broken bonds, missed conversations and lost time. This discussion guide wastes no time highlighting the issue’s sobering statistics, such as: At at any given moment in America, 1.5 million children have lost a parent to prison. Or: Mothers make up three-fourths of all incarcerated women — and the majority of these women have children who are under the age of 18.