Exploring United Way Engagement in EITC Campaigns

A Report to the Field

Posted March 22, 2004
By the Annie E. Casey Foundation, United Way of America
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This report — the result of a United Way of America survey and working group — reflects the organization’s staunch commitment to helping vulnerable families utilize the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). It offers field-tested advice, square-one strategies and EITC program facts as part of a larger effort to help United Way sites across the country support local EITC campaigns.

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Key Takeaway

Introducing the EITC—America’s largest and most powerful antipoverty program

In 2003, the EITC lifted five million Americans out of poverty while returning a combined $36 billion to 20 million low-wage workers. Despite the program’s success, the Internal Review Service estimates that four million eligible families fail to file for the credit each year.