Faith and Action

Improving the Lives of At-Risk Youth

Posted January 1, 2003
By the Annie E. Casey Foundation
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The document describes the importance of faith in the programs offered to at-risk youth by faith-based organizations.  While these programs operate similarly to other social service programs in the community, faith becomes the distinguishing factor for youth when they describe their success.  This At A Glance summary is based on two reports: Faith and Action: Improving the Lives of At-Risk Youth, Final Report and Inside Out: Tools to Help Faith-Based Organizations Measure, Learn and Grow.

Findings & Stats

Key Takeaway

Six Key Steps for Program Planning and Measurement

Faith-based organizations can plan and operate programs for at-risk youth by following six steps. These steps include: identifying community needs; establishing a vision of what you want to achieve; developing a plan with goals and outcomes; implementing the plan; assessing outcomes of the program and then sharing the lessons learned.