Families as Primary Partners in their Child’s Development and School Readiness

By the Annie E. Casey Foundation

December 29, 2004


This tool kit aims to help communities partner with parents to enhance child development and school readiness. Its two-part approach involves: 1) developing parents as their child’s first teacher; and 2) engaging parents as decision makers and leaders. Both sections are jam packed with resources, references and tips and drive home a simple refrain: We must act today to help prepare our youngest students for success in the classroom tomorrow.  

Table of Contents

Key Takeaway

The math is simple: Informed, engaged parents = enhanced school readiness for children

How do we prepare kids for the classroom? Empower their parents with knowledge, leadership opportunities and decision-making capacities. The returns on this school readiness strategy will ripple out into families, schools and communities, say experts.

Findings & Stats

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