Family-Centered Community Change Report

Supporting Families, Strengthening Neighborhoods

By the Annie E. Casey Foundation

July 9, 2019


In 2012, the Annie E. Casey Foundation began searching for partners for its seven-year Family-Centered Community Change™(FCCC) initiative. This report reviews the Foundation’s experiences and contributions as an investor and summarizes what the participating communities — Buffalo, New York; Columbus, Ohio; and San Antonio, Texas — learned about using a two-generation approach to working with children and parents.

FCCC is a place-based strategy devoted to improving outcomes for children and parents living in high-poverty neighborhoods. The initiative works to bolster family well-being in three key areas: 1) economic stability; 2) parent engagement and leadership; and 3) early child care and education.

Table of Contents

Key Takeaway

A new role and a new way of working

FCCC has required the Casey Foundation to take on a new role — that of a strategic coinvestor — and shift toward more responsive grant-making strategies that reflect each community’s unique challenges and opportunities.

The goal of this work, however, remains the same: To help the parents and children living in these communities succeed — together.

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