Food for Thought: Building a High-Quality School Choice Market

By the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Education Sector

May 5, 2009


Subsidies that increase the number of school options in low-income communities do not ensure their quality, or guarantee that parents are informed to choose better options for their children’s education. An effective market of school options must improve higher-quality supply and higher-quality demand. This report looks at the benefits of school choice in low-income, urban neighborhoods that demonstrate low educational achievement.

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Key Takeaway

A Successful School Choice Marketplace

A working educational marketplace requires the involvement of school district leaders, community organizations, individual schools and families to determine what school options are needed to meet particular community needs – and where. As well, parents need to be informed about their options in order to make the best decisions for their children’s education.

Findings & Stats

Aecf Food Thought Building High Quality School Choice Market Mapping Options

Map the Market

Timely information about neighborhood needs and strengths help leaders recruit new education providers to needy areas.

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