In America, a growing number of grandparents are raising their grandchildren — but not without consequences or compromises. This discussion guide shares information and ideas aimed at enhancing support for grandparents who have stepped back into the main caregiver role. It is part a series by the Association of Small Foundations called Investing in Strategies to Serve Vulnerable Children and Families, which the Annie E. Casey Foundation funded.

April 1, 2008

In This Report, You’ll Learn

  1. 1

    Challenges faced by grandparents and grandchildren.

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    Ways foundations can support caregiving grandparents.

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    Questions to spark deeper thinking about this topic.

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    Recommended resources for continued learning.

Key Takeaway

A round of applause for caregiving grandparents

Caregiving grandparents often face many challenges (poverty, isolation and greater health needs, just to name a few). But the research is clear: children raised by relatives experience greater stability, perform better in school and have stronger cultural and community ties compared to children raised by non-relatives.

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