I Know Where I'm Going, Part Two

But Will My Cash Keep Up?

Posted June 18, 2002
By the Annie E. Casey Foundation and the National Endowment for Financial Education
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This workbook is designed to stimulate conversations with tweens and young teenage foster kids about investing money, using a credit card and saving for the future. It deals with learning personal responsibility, planning a career, sharing with others -- both financially and in other ways -- and setting long-term aspirations. In addition to this publication, there is a first part.

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Key Takeaway

Don't get carried away by advertising that makes you think your wants are your needs

Advertisers target teens to push them to buy more and make sure they really, really want what the advertiser is selling. They make teens think they want new clothes, hot jeans, cool sneakers, lots of apps, piles of food. This can get out of hand if someone is not a savvy shopper, because what you need is a stable home and a secure future. Everything wrong in life cannot be solved through a spending spree.