Internet-based Children’s Data Users Perceptions of KIDS COUNT

By Child Trends, The Annie E. Casey Foundation

August 19, 2005


In 2005, Child Trends fielded an online survey of their Databank users to explore the awareness, use and satisfaction with KIDS COUNT data products. Survey methodology and results are included in the report. 

Table of Contents

Findings & Stats

High Awareness

 75% of those who took the survey had heard of KIDS COUNT.

Public Inroads

Recognition of KIDS COUNT products was highest among government/policy, advocacy and research personnel (85% to 90%).

Business Dirth

49% of business leaders were not aware of KIDS COUNT

Research Usability

More than 40% of respondents used the data for research or to become informed about children's needs. 

Small Change

Of those asked how a KIDS COUNT product helped their understanding of children’s well-being, only 6% reported that it had actually changed their mind on a specific issue. 

Statements & Quotations