This collection of seven briefs has one simple focus: sharing information and insights from 15 years of growth in the Responsible Fatherhood field. Each installment in the series, at two quick pages a piece, explains how far we’ve come — and what work we still have to do — to give America’s fathers and families the support they need to succeed. 

November 23, 2010

In This Report, You’ll Learn

  1. 1

    Why it's important for fathers to be engaged in parenting.

  2. 2

    About the unique hurdles that different fathers face.

  3. 3

    What we’ve learned about supporting responsible fathering.

  4. 4

    Opportunities for advancing the field of responsible fatherhood.

Key Takeaway

Children are better off when their fathers are actively engaged in their lives

Research links responsible fathering to a long list of positive outcomes. For instance: Children with involved fathers have a better chance of growing up in a higher-opportunity neighborhood while avoiding material hardship and homelessness. They are also less likely to participate in risky behaviors or cross paths with the juvenile justice system.

Findings & Stats

Statements & Quotations