KIDS COUNT Indicator Brief: Reducing the Child Poverty Rate

Posted July 1, 2009
By the Annie E. Casey Foundation
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The number of children in the US whose families have incomes at or below the federal poverty line is on the rise. This brief outlines five strategies for moving families out of poverty and toward financial stability. 

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Key Takeaway

Reducing The Number Of Children In Poverty Requires A Multi-Pronged Approach

The number of children in the U.S. living in economically disadvantaged families continues to rise, especially in light of the recent recession and its impact across the country. This problem is not, however, inevitable; recommended strategies for raising children and families out of poverty include:

  • Public advocacy for changing policies and systems that impact low-income families.
  • Improving job training, benefits and pay to make it easier for families to earn a living wage.
  • Helping families keep more of their earnings through tax credits and other programs.
  • Strengthening the safety net of supports to ensure children have access to food and healthcare.
  • Helping low-income families build savings and assets.