KIDS COUNT Indicator Brief: Reducing the Number of Disconnected Youth

By the Annie E. Casey Foundation

July 1, 2009


This brief outlines five strategies for reducing the number of youth who are disconnected from the skills, supports, resources, opportunities and relationships they need to succeed.

Table of Contents

Key Takeaway

All Members of the Community Have a Role to Play in Re-Engaging Teens

To effectively re-engage disconnected teens and put them on the path to success, a broad spectrum of community stakeholders—from elected officials to educators and social workers to parents, mentors and teens themselves—need to work together, employing strategies that:

  • Re-engage youth in education
  • Connect youth and young adults to meaningful job and career opportunities
  • Meet the job training and skill-building needs of disconnected youth
  • Address obstacles to employment
  • Engage youth in social networks, mentoring and community
  • Promote comprehensive reform through collaboration

Findings & Stats

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