KIDS COUNT Indicator Brief: Reducing the Teen Death Rate

Posted July 1, 2009
By the Annie E. Casey Foundation
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AECF KC Reducing Teen Deaths 2009


While the rate of teen deaths in the U.S. has declined significantly in the last decade, it is still higher than in many industrialized countries, particularly among the three highest causes of teen death. This brief outlines several strategies for reducing the teen death rate in the U.S.

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Understanding Teens’ Realities is Key to Reducing Teen Deaths

The rate of teen deaths in the U.S. has declined over the last decade, but remained high compared to peer nations. Adults grossly underestimate the level at which teens engage in risky behaviors, which includes substance use, unsafe sexual activity and careless or reckless driving. At the same time, research shows that parental involvement and access to community resources can help reduce many of these risks and contribute to teens’ healthy development.