Lifelong Families Case Practice Standards Manual

Training Manual

Posted January 15, 2012
By the Annie E. Casey Foundation
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Casey Family Services, through its Lifelong Families practice, offered a continu­um of child welfare services supporting the safety and well-being of kids and families. This now non-operational division of the Casey Foundation organized these services into two categories: 1) family strengthen­ing, and 2) permanency planning. This manual outlines how social workers identified, assigned and handled cases using the Family Strengthening Services (FSS) and Permanency Planning Services (PSS) framework. Each section of the manual includes an introduction, timeframe for service delivery, process narrative and FSS/PSS procedural framework, along with a list of relevant forms and administrative staff procedures.   

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Key Takeaway

Family Strengthening helps families stay together while navigating the child welfare system

In [Family Strengthening Services] FSS, services are designed to preserve families who have been involved or are at risk of becoming involved in state child welfare systems. By of­fering counseling and support, social workers help ensure that youth stay with their legal families, keeping a permanent family bond intact.