Lifelong Families Permanency Case Practice Tools

Posted January 12, 2012
By the Annie E. Casey Foundation
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This toolkit outlines the various case practice tools used to support implementation of the Lifelong Families foster care model. The Lifelong Families model is intended to serve as a method of improving foster care practice within private child welfare agencies and advancing permanency outcomes for older youth in treatment foster care. Usage guidelines for users who are both new to and experienced in child welfare permanency work, brief case examples of the tool in use, and a detailed guide with examples of the case-level and facilitator/barrier categories are also included.

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Key Takeaway

Trauma plays a huge part in understanding the barriers to permanency

Permanency planning brings an understanding of the impact of traumatic events and experiences on the development, behavior and relationships of youth and their parents and family members. Preparing and supporting parents and family members as primary partners in healing the youth’s trauma and sustaining an unconditional and lifelong commitment is part of the process.