Many Things We Need Can Wait: The Child Cannot

Baltimore's Five-Year Action Plan for Achieving School Readiness

By the Baltimore Leadership in Action Program

March 1, 2005


This report outlines the Baltimore Leadership in Action Program’s recommended strategies for achieving seven goals aimed at improving school readiness for the children of Baltimore, Maryland.

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Key Takeaway

Investing In The Future Of Baltimore's Children Cannot Wait

Baltimore's children lag far behind their peers across the state when it comes to school readiness. Investing the time and resources needed to substantially improve school readiness, while daunting, is essential to ensuring that today's children become responsible, healthy, educated, self-sustaining adults.

Findings & Stats

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School Readiness

27% of Baltimore City kindergarteners were fully school-ready upon entering kindergarten, compared to 55% of all kindergarteners in Maryland.

Domains of Learning

Domains of Learning

Children in Baltimore City are behind their peers across the state in every domain of learning except physical development.


Non-Native Speakers

Fewer than 20% of children whose first language is not English were assessed as fully school-ready.

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