Metropolitan Conditions and Trends

Changing Contexts for a Community Initiative

By The Urban Institute, The Annie E. Casey Foundation

July 2, 2009


Making Connections--a 10-year Casey initiative--developed an unusually rich database of demographic, economic and social information that permits researchers to examine aspects of neighborhood change that have never been studied in as much depth before. This report reviews and summarizes data from 2000 through 2007 about resident families that includes standard demographic, employment and income variables; asset holdings and debts; public assistance patterns; social linkages; and attitudes about neighborhood conditions and services.

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Key Takeaway

Public research gives a unique look at Making Connections Neighborhoods

This report analyzes key indicators of metropolitan conditions and trends critical to the success of Making Connections: the economy, the labor market, race, immigration, income, housing, mortgage lending and more. The indicators represent objective, measurable descriptors that powerfully affect the well-being of low-income children, families and neighborhoods. These particular indicators are not unique to the Making Connections initiative, but are based on public data widely accessible to anyone working for community change.

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