National Youth in Transition Database

Lessons Learned from the Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative

By the Annie E. Casey Foundation

October 4, 2010


The National Youth Transition Database (NYTD) is an unprecedented opportunity for states to learn how to improve outcomes for youth exiting foster care. This document — a pep-talk packaged in a publication — shares lessons learned from implementing a similar tool called the Opportunity Passport Participant Survey. Readers will hit the report’s final page armed with a confidence boost and clear advice on how to build their state NYTD to comply with federal requirements.  This publication is a product of the Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative.

Table of Contents

Key Takeaway

Introducing a database designed to give states the hard numbers to better support older youth in foster care

The long-awaited National Youth in Transition Database — NYTD for short — requires states to track: 1) characteristics of young people in foster care who are receiving independent living services; 2) exactly what services these youth are receiving; and 3) how they fare when transitioning from care.

Findings & Stats

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