Nonprofit Executive Leadership and Transitions Survey

Posted June 18, 2004
By Managance Consulting
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Knowing that nonprofit stability relies on stable leadership, the Casey Foundation and partners got a good look at the executive landscape through a survey that provided baseline data on top management transitions in nonprofits and the career paths of current leaders. With many baby boomer execs getting ready to retire, this report offers recommendations to position NPs for a smooth transition to new, more diverse leadership.

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Why an executive transition plan is so important when nonprofit leaders leave

Because nonprofits have a social welfare mandate as opposed to a profit mandate, most of their resources go to providing services rather than supporting administrative and management functions. This can leave nonprofits particularly vulnerable in turbulent times of leadership change. The limited management structure means that those nonprofits rely even more on a single individual — the chief executive officer of the organization — for success in accomplishing their missions.