Policy Matters: Setting and Measuring Benchmarks for State Policies

Posted October 26, 2003
By Center for the Study of Social Policy
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This paper outlines clear policy moves and proposed benchmarks in a bid to focus state-level efforts on enhancing the health of low- to moderate-income families and kids.  

The publication is part of the Policy Matters project, an initiative by the Center for the Study of Social Policy that aims to develop and promote coherent, comprehensive information about the strength and adequacy of state policies affecting children, families and communities. 

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Key Takeaway

The goal: Eliminate health disparities and help all families have positive, productive lives

This report focuses on state policies that can help low- to moderate-income families overcome a range of barriers to: 1) receive timely, appropriate and coordinated health services; 2) engage in lifestyles that enhance physical and mental well-being; and 3) live in health-supporting environments.