Race Matters: Unequal Opportunities for Health and Wellness

Posted February 12, 2006
By the Annie E. Casey Foundation
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Race plays a major role in health as poverty limits access to quality healthcare. And a majority of the poor in the U.S. are people of color. Bringing equal opportunity into the health and wellness arena must be intentional as this 2006 fact sheet shows. It brings an awareness to the issue, shows the consequences of unintended biased actions and presents tools and strategies for overcoming racial inequities in healthcare. For more information, visit the Race Matters Institute website.

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Key Takeaway

Being poor creates more barriers to healthful resources and more exposure to a wide range of toxic environmental conditions.

Everyday conditions of racially isolated, low-income communities can produce chronic stress which is linked to cardiovascular disease, some cancers and exposure to environmental hazards leading to asthma and other chronic conditions.