Prisoner Reentry: Helping Former Prisoners Return to Communities

A Guide to Key Ideas, Effective Approaches, and TA Resources for When Prisoners Return to the Community

Posted January 10, 2005
By the Annie E. Casey Foundation
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This prisoner reentry report offers technical assistance strategies and resources to reconnect men and women returning home from prison to their families and communities through employment, education, health and social services. The prisoner reentry report gives guidance on how to reduce barriers facing the formerly incarcerated, including access to housing, work, health care, counseling and job training. Policy changes that could help are highlighted. In addition, the report reviews reentry resources and supports available for families and children of the incarcerated to help address loss of income, emotional pain, disruptions in family life and social stigma. 

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Key Prisoner Reentry Takeaway

Community-based help for prisoners after release trim the cost of prison for taxpayers

High rates of incarceration in the United States have a high cost, both to taxpayers and to families and communities. More cost-effective approaches are available for non-violent offenders. Community-based solutions to housing, education, employment and health care barriers help reduce recidivism and reconnect returning prisoners to their families and neighborhoods.