Responsible Approaches to Neighborhood Stabilization

Case Studies in Action

Posted January 30, 2009
By NeighborWorks America
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Using several case studies of neighborhoods undergoing revitalization efforts, this report delves into a more holistic understanding of what’s involved in community renewal and stabilization. Applying the principles of Responible Redevelopment, NeighborWorks — the government nonprofit and author of the report — presents the renewal efforts of several communities devastated by the 2009 foreclosure crisis while addressing the needs and rights of neighborhood residents.

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Key Takeaway

Hearing everyone’s voice during redevelopment takes concerted effort

Balancing the needs of all residents and stakeholders hurt by the foreclosure crisis is a daunting task. It is easy to let the voices of the weakest groups — low-income families, recent immigrants, renters — be drowned out by the groups with greater access to financial and political capital. Without a shared vision of what works and what needs to change, the weakest groups of residents will have a difficult time communicating their wishes and rebuilding their neighborhoods to match their needs.