Responsible Demolition: A Baltimore Case Study with National Implications

The East Baltimore Revitalization Initiative

Posted November 1, 2016
By the Annie E. Casey Foundation
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Image of cover from the Responsible Demolition: A Baltimore Case Study With National Implications


Lead poisoning leads to crippling mental and physical health effects. Lead-based paint in older homes becomes a toxic dust storm when whole neighborhoods are demolished for new growth. Yet, nowhere in the United States were there any construction protocols minimizing health risks during building demolition. That is, until 2004 when the Annie E. Casey Foundation and Johns Hopkins University took East Baltimore, Maryland, resident concerns to heart and created a whole new rulebook. The people involved in this project tell their story in this report.

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Key Takeaway

Any building redevelopment should not expose residents to physical health hazards.

Clear, detailed demolition protocols offer a concise guide for policymakers interested in improving demolition safety.