ROAD: Creating Community to Cope with Depression

By the Annie E. Casey Foundation

April 21, 2008


This 10-page report introduces Reaching Out About Depression (ROAD), an innovative program that utilizes peer support, social activism and education to empower and assist low-income women with depression. Readers will learn what makes ROAD so unique, how its participants are faring, and why the program caught the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s eye.   

Table of Contents

Key Takeaway

Introducing ROAD: An innovative self-help program for low-income women with depression

ROAD is a nonclinical approach to helping women affected by depression. It has three main components: 1) a 12-week workshop series led by peer facilitators; 2) free counseling services from graduate students at Boston College and Harvard Law School; and 3) projects that the women select and tackle together.

Findings & Stats

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