Still a Man’s Labor Market

The Long-Term Earnings Gap

Posted February 2, 2004
By the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the Institute for Women’s Policy Research
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This report, rooted in original research, wastes no time debunking rosy notions of gender equality. It shows that women earn far less than their male counterparts over the long term. It also tells how too many women — but few men — have low lifelong earnings. Readers will learn about the causes and consequences of such disparities and discover policy recommendations aimed at making the workplace a fairer — and more financially stable — landscape for all employees.

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Key Takeaway

The wage gap is real and wider than you think

Myth: The earnings gap between genders has narrowed to 23%. Reality: This gap is shockingly still chasm-wide, with women earning 62% less than their male counterparts over the same 15-year period.