Strategies to Address Trauma

Facilitator’s Guide for Module Two of TST-FC

Posted April 6, 2017
By the Annie E. Casey Foundation
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The Annie E. Casey Foundation has developed a series of facilitator guides dedicated to teaching caregivers about Trauma Systems Therapy for Foster Care.

This guide, devoted to module two, reviews strategies that caregivers can use to help promote healing in children with trauma histories.

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The full curriculum has four modules. These modules cover: 1) trauma’s impact; 2) strategies to address trauma; 3) coping with difficult behavior; and 4) generating signals of safety.

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Key Takeaway

In module two, caregivers learn how to help promote healing in children exposed to trauma

This guide walks a facilitator — slide by slide — through the module’s content, which focuses on helping caregivers decrease survival-in-the-moment responses for children affected by trauma. Caregivers will also learn interventions that can address the unique needs of a particular child, as well as strategies that work for all children — and especially for children who have experienced trauma.