Taking Action

Positioning Low-Income Workers to Succeed in a Changing Economy

Posted August 26, 2019
By The Hatcher Group
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Funded by the Annie E. Casey and Joyce foundations, this report examines educational and employment disparities in the United States and highlights policies, programs and strategies designed to improve current and future work for lower-wage individuals and their families.

Twelve case studies fill the report and fit into 1 of 3 categories: 1) strategies that prepare young people for jobs that provide family-sustaining wages; 2) responses to concerns about worker power and agency amid a rising tide of gig and contract work; and 3) state and local policies that address wages, work and a changing economic environment.

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Key Takeaway

Creating more equitable opportunities for a more diverse workforce

This report features practical and scalable approaches to equipping workers — especially those most vulnerable to the changing economy — with the education, skills and experiences they need to build meaningful careers and earn family-sustaining wages.