Tools for Thought

Using Racial Equity Impact Assessments for Effective Policymaking

Posted August 5, 2016
By the Annie E. Casey Foundation
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This case study takes a look at assessment tools that measure the impact of proposed legislation on populations of color. The assessment tools have been effective in shaping policy in Seattle and Minneapolis.  

Tools for Thought is the third installment in the Race for Results case study series. The series is designed to give leaders and advocates the tools to start meaningful conversations around race in their communities and implement data-informed and evidence-based policies that help to eliminate the inequities in opportunity for children of color.

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Key Takeaway

Including communities of color in policymaking can lead to understanding and buy-in

REIA tools provide a systematic way to engage the opinions and voices of those who will be affected by a policy decision. Mainly, it includes racial and ethnic communities and shows the potential positive and negative impacts in order to find solutions that are beneficial for all.