Two Generational Strategies to Improve Immigrant Family and Child Outcomes

Summary and Next Steps From the April 2015 Roundtable

By the Center for Law and Social Policy

December 7, 2015


This paper — the result of a roundtable discussion hosted by the Casey Foundation and the Center for Law and Social Policy — explores policy and practice reforms that can help both parents and kids in immigrant families thrive.  

Table of Contents

Key Takeaway

Wanted: Action and momentum that will transform institutions, services and the lives of immigrant families

The roundtable participants identified four action steps that aim to improve opportunities for parents and kids in immigrant families. These are: 1) spread a sense of urgency and opportunity; 2) create strategic partnerships; 3) build new mainstream institutions that advance a two-generation approach; and 4) think big and small as well as short- and long-term.

Findings & Stats

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