Unlocking the Gate

What We Know About Improving Developmental Education

Posted June 1, 2011
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This report, powered by 40 years of research and writings on developmental education, opens with a sobering look at the struggles community colleges face in advancing remedial-level students into successful college careers. Readers will learn about four current strategies for reforming the field of developmental education as well as innovative next steps that hold the promise for more radical change.

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The final grades are in and today's community colleges are failing in the field of developmental education

Community colleges face a daunting task: bolster the skills of tens of thousands of academically underprepared students so that they can excel in the classroom and advance within America’s workforce. In reality too few of these students are making the jump from remedial classes to graduation day. As a result, policymakers and educators have gone back to the drawing board to identify how we can best help these struggling students succeed.