Westside Education and Training Center

Finding Creative Ways to Combine Residents’ Need for Good Jobs with Buyers’ Need for Trained Workers

By the Annie E. Casey Foundation

November 1, 2008


This report tells the inspiring story of the Westside Education and Training Center, an 18-classroom facility in San Antonio’s struggling West Side neighborhood. Readers will learn how the center came about, why it’s so unique, and how its menu of college courses and career-ready training is helping local families build a better, brighter tomorrow.

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Key Takeaway

In San Antonio’s West Side neighborhood, academic and economic success stories are hard to find

Among residents 25 and older, fewer than 50% are high school graduates and only 4% have college degrees. The median income in the area is low — slightly more than $25,000 — with one out of every three children living in households earning less than the federal poverty level.

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