What Works? A Study of Effective Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Programs

By the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Georgetown University Center for Child and Human Development, A.L. Mailman Family Foundation

August 21, 2009


This study provides data-driven guidance for developing and implementing early childhood mental health consultation (ECMHC) programs for increasing number of very young children manifesting behavior problems. Through visits to six sites across the United States, the authors explore the core components of effective mental health programs – including lessons learned and detailed recommendations for policymakers and funders, ECMHC providers, program administrators and evaluators. 

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Key Takeaway

Roadmap to Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation

ECMHC program components include a solid program infrastructure, highly-qualified consultants and high-quality services. Overarching requirements for these programs to succeed are building consensus around the core components of early childhood mental health consultation, and engaging families and others to promote ECMHC as a means to support healthy social and emotional development for young children and families.

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