What Works for Older Youth During the Transition to Adulthood

Lessons from Experimental Evaluations of Programs and Interventions

Posted March 28, 2010
By Child Trends
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Despite the turbulence and importance of the transition to adulthood, there are few evaluations of social programs that target the well-being of "emerging" adults (age 18 to 25). This report researches 31 programs that could help older youth transition into adulthood and highlights the features of each that have the potential to contribute to success, each broken down by youth characteristics. 

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Key Takeaway

Research is thin on programs for youth transitioning to adulthood

While this synthesis report highlights some successful strategies, and certain demographic groups that can benefit from programs, the effectiveness of many components is still unclear. There is a need for more effective programs, yet researchers may believe this older-youth age group is already benefitting more than could actually be proven from current program research.