When Child Welfare Works: Discussions from the Field

A Proposal to Finance Best Practices

Posted May 20, 2014
By the Annie E. Casey Foundation
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Since the release of When Child Welfare Works: A Working Paper, many organizations and individuals have weighed in with significant feedback on comprehensive child welfare reform. In the spirit of continuing a public dialogue about how to better align federal child welfare financing with best practice, this document presents the collective feedback on the recommendations made so policymakers and other stakeholders can benefit from the many thoughtful questions, comments and suggestions. Staff and consultants from Casey then, to the best of our ability, respond with our answers, perspectives or follow-up questions.

This is complex work, and while we may be most worried about particular challenges and potential unintended consequences, other stakeholders are more concerned about the kids and consequences. This is to be expected and is part of any robust national dialogue. We look forward to ongoing discussions about how to better target federal child welfare funds and will continue to use formats such as this document to share stakeholder feedback and our evolving perspective at Casey to help advance comprehensive child welfare financing reform.

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Key Takeaway

The time is now to develop a plan for reforming federal financing.

Whether stakeholders agree or disagree with the overall proposal or specific recommendations, there is consensus that having a set of ideas to debate has been helpful in moving the discussion on child welfare reform forward. Judging from the feedback received, there is no doubt that leaders in the field have a host of innovative ideas for better aligning federal funds with improved outcomes for children and families.

We encourage leaders in the field to introduce alternative proposals or approaches for federal child welfare reform with specific details that can be discussed and debated.