Why Invest in Collaborative Leadership Development? Summary Report

Getting Big Results

Posted December 17, 2012
By the University of Maryland School of Public Policy
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The Casey Foundation values skillful leadership in creating sustained social change. The Foundation partnered with the University of Maryland, School of Public Policy in sculpting a new approach to match leadership ability with constructive results for children, families and communities – a collaborative leadership style for complex social issues.  Readers, especially other foundations and nonprofit investors, get a look at the findings, lessons learned and recommendations from three years of collaborative leadership capacity-building efforts. 

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Key Takeaway

Collaborative Leadership Requires a Distinct Skill Set

Getting leaders to work together, combined with explicit actions, generates true community-wide results. Supporting these complex efforts requires a specific set of collaborative leadership skills. These collaborative skills are crucial when striving for significant social change that cross-cuts communities, agencies and sectors. Skillful leaders know how to leverage opportunities to let these collaborative initiatives thrive over an extended period of time.