Youth in Foster Care Share Their School Experiences

Posted October 29, 2014
By the Annie E. Casey Foundation, University of Maryland School of Social Work
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In 12 fast-paced pages, this report shares the stories of 10 young people who faced constant hurdles and havoc while trying to advance their education in foster care. It champions the same cause — a consistent classroom setting — as its sister publication, Sustaining Momentum: Improving Educational Stability for Young People in Foster Care.

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Introducing the (always) new kids in class

Meet Octavia Lacks (11 moves in three years), R.J. Sloke (12 different high schools), Lexie Grüber (who chose to be homeless to avoid switching schools). This report shares personal stories of 10 former foster care youth who had to traverse life’s tricky teenage years amid a shifting backdrop of unfamiliar homes and schools. Their struggles with educational instability is a heartbreaking tragedy — one that is unfolding all across America.