Youth Violence Myths and Realities: A Tale of Three Cities

The Different Story of Delinquent Youth as Told by the Media and by Juvenile Justice System Professionals and the Youth Themselves

Posted February 13, 2009
By the National Council on Crime and Delinquency
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AECF Youth Violence Myths 2009


This report examines the youth perspective on violence, life circumstance, and the response of the justice system to a supposed growth of violence among troubled youth, based on studies in Dallas; Washington, D.C.; and San Mateo, California. 

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Key Takeaway

System reform requires the involvement of youth, families and communities

Recommended steps toward engaging constituents in reforming the juvenile justice system include:

  • Implementing a campaign to disseminate accurate public information.
  • Expanding funding for public education.
  • Promoting healthy parenting programs.
  • Expanding training for law enforcement.
  • Acknowledging that those involved in the system are adolescents, not predators.