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We want vulnerable kids to have a bright future. That’s why we work tirelessly to advance solutions that improve the well-being of kids in America.

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The 2005 KIDS COUNT Data Book

This KIDS COUNT Data Book provides a state-by-state statistical portrait of the educational, health, and economic conditions of American children. The essay examines four employment barriers that policymakers and others consider among the most difficult to overcome: substance abuse, domestic violence, a history of incarceration and depression.

January 1, 2005

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AdvoCasey: Spring 2004

Who’s Taking Care: AdvoCasey Examines the Staffing Crisis in Children and Family Services

This issue of AdvoCasey examines the pervasive neglect of human services workers in America. It’s centerpiece — a feature rooted in Greenville, South Carolina — goes beyond the statistics to share real stories about how these workers are struggling and what this means for the kids and families they serve. AdvoCasey is a seasonal publication; each themed issue spotlights programs and policies that have made measurable differences in the lives of kids and families.

March 21, 2004

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Caregiver's Handbook for Money Pals

Being Cool with Cash and I Know Where I'm Going

Written for caregivers of foster youth, this guide gives concrete direction in teaching financial skills to help foster kids find their dreams and have the money to make them reality.  

June 17, 2002

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