We seek to help kids succeed in school and improve health, economic opportunities and neighborhoods for children and families.

Our Atlanta Civic Site team brings together civic, education, nonprofit and business partners to promote high-quality education for kids, economic opportunity for their parents and safety and stability in their communities. To those ends,we use the following core strategies:

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Art of Community in Atlanta

The Art of Community event in southwest Atlanta will feature the official unveiling of a public art installation at the Foundation's 352 University Avenue site, as well as an afternoon celebration focused on community and art. 

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Casey's new Community Matters webinar series explores the complex issues surrounding community change — and the lessons we and others have learned from our work in communities throughout the country. The first in the series, Partnering With Residents in Community Change: Strategies for Engagement and Community Building, highlights the role place-based funders can play in supporting and encouraging resident-led community change, drawing from our new report on our community-building work in Atlanta as well as the experience of the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation.

Supporting Kids and Parents in the Atlanta Civic Site

Video: Helping Kids and Parents Thrive

While building a solid foundation for children to succeed, we connect their parents to the programs and services they need to become financially stable and build careers.

Fighting for Georgia's Young Readers

Winning the War for Reading Proficiency describes the Georgia Campaign for Grade-Level Reading's efforts to significantly increase the percentage of state children reading at or above grade level by the end of third grade by 2015.

Video: The Healthy Beginnings System of Care

The Dunbar Learning Complex provides programs and services to keep children on track developmentally. The Healthy Beginnings program helps connect kids and families to health services and resources.