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What Children and Young People Need to Thrive

Our work focuses on strengthening families, building stronger communities and ensuring access to opportunity, because children and young people need all three to succeed. We advance research and solutions to overcome the barriers to success, help communities demonstrate what works and influence decision makers to invest in strategies based on solid evidence.

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African American father with young daughter walking on city street

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Two young Black men sit at a desk in front of a bright window, talking and reviewing documents.

blog   |   November 28, 2023

What Is Youth Navigation?

A young Native mother plays outside with her two small children, showing them how to blow bubbles with a bubble wand and solution.

blog   |   November 20, 2023

Native American Children’s Health and Well-Being

Two young black men sit on a couch, smiling

blog   |   November 20, 2023

Fifty Years of Transforming Youth Justice


AECF trend upwards

From 2016 to 2020, nearly 26% more children ages 3 to 17 had anxiety or depression in the Unites States.

State Data on Anxiety and Depression KIDS COUNT Data Center